How to Measure the Commercial Roof Slope!

Best Guide How to Measure the Commercial Roof Slope!

Learn how to measure the commercial roof slope. Most commercial buildings have a slight slope, like ¼ inch per foot. These slopes are created for the perfect water drainage system during rain or storms. However, while constructing the new commercial building, it’s essential to measure the slope of the flat roof correctly as the error can not be fixed afterward, or you must invest in repairing it. If you are struggling with How to measure the commercial roof slope in the USA, then you are on the right and authentic platform to get the complete guide for the roof slope measurement. 

Why is Measuring Slope Roofs Necessary? 

But before moving towards the method, it’s crucial to know why the roof slope measurement matters. Here are some reasons that help you determine whether measuring roof slope is mandatory. 

  • Water drainage: During rain or storms, water drainage is crucial to saving the roof or ceiling from water damage. That’s why the accurate measurement of the slope helps the water drain easily. 
  • Aesthetic appeal: the slope with the perfect proportion gives the drop-dead gorgeous look to the building. 
  • Snow load: The slope also helps to protect the roof from structural damage from snow or hail in winter. 

Method of Calculating Flat Roof Slope

We present two crucial methods to measure the slope of the roof of your building. 

  • Method 1: Rise over run 
  • Method 2: Tangent function 

Rise over run

Rise over run is the most appropriate and functional technique to calculate the roof of the building. Here is the entire info on how it operates

  • Measure rise: measure the rise or vertical distance of the roof’s slope from the base to the top of the roof. 
  • Measure run: The slope height from the roof’s base is measured. 
  • Calculate slope: Divide both measurements, and you will get the exact slope calculation for the roof. Slopes are often described as ratios or fractions. 

Tangent Function 

This method is not easy compared to the rise in the number of overruns and the demand for professionals to do that. The only person who is comfortable with trigonometry can perform it. Here are the steps of this method: 

  • Measure angle: to measure the angle formed by the roof slope, you need to utilize the protector or inclinometer. These measuring tools provide an accurate calculation. 
  • Apply tangent function: make the tangle of the measured angle. Tangent is equal to the rise over run and their division. 
  • Convert to ratio: At this step, you need to convert the value into a fraction to get the slope ratio. 

Bottom Lines

To wind up this article, we hope you understand the most appropriate measurement method for a flat-slope commercial roof. Now, stop searching for information on how to measure the commercial roof slope and apply the accurate and suitable method to get high-quality results. Achilles Roofing & Exterior offers the best roofing services and is on a mission to transform your living space into a dreamy one.